2018 Gun Raffle

Thank You

 Thank you to everyone that has purchased a ticket for our 2018 Gun Raffle!!  The first drawing started today (September 17th, 2018) and we will try our best to get the winning ticket numbers on this website and our Facebook Page as promptly as possible.  (We may not always have the ability to pull the ticket at noon on the drawing dates due to emergency calls). 



Sept 17 #119

Sept 19 #065

Sept 21 #929

Sept 24 #291

Sept 26 #498

Sept 28 #899

Oct 1 #425

Oct 3 #289

Oct 5 #057

Oct 8 #340

Oct 10 #597

Oct 12 #228

Oct 15 #856

Oct 17 #243

Oct 19 #931

Oct 22 #857

Oct 24 #288

Oct 26 #333

Oct 29 #390

Oct 31 #968

Welcome and thank you for your support of the Lisbon Firefighters Inc.

  • Whether you participated in a prior year's raffle or this is brand new to you, we welcome and appreciate your participation.  
  • This page contains a detailed description of the raffle, rules, and updates. This webpage will be updated as needed, and the winning numbers will be posted after each drawing once they begin. 
  • Raffle drawings begin on September 17th and be held every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, and FRIDAY through October 31st.
  • F.A.Q.s
  • Why conduct a gun raffle? Like any volunteer-based department, our success relies on the support of the community, and fundraising is a key to helping fund our mission. After decades of different fundraisers, this gun raffle has - by far - generated more community response, active interest, and financial success than any other fundraiser in Lisbon Fire Department history.
  • What if I'm not interested in guns? That's alright! The winner receives a letter to take to Cabela's.  On this letter, you can either claim your firearm or take the steps to obtain a gift card for the value or the firearm.  For example, if you win the Remington Model 870, you have the ability to receive a gift card for $499.99 (or whatever the current value), and can use it for ANY Cabela's purchase. If you choose, you can spend that entire amount on outdoor wear, camping gear, or any other merchandise at Gander Mountain.
  • Background checks on firearms.  You will be responsible for the required background check and its cost.
  • What if I want a different gun than the one I win? No problem. If you take the steps to obtain a gift card it can simply be used towards the purchase of a more expensive firearm of your choosing or, if you prefer a less expensive model and you'll simply have extra money for something else.  
  • Can I win more than once? YES, all winning tickets go back in the tumbler - every ticket has a chance to win every drawing!  You could win all of the drawings with one ticket. 
  • Ticket Drawings. We will be conducting the drawings at noon on each of the dates listed on the tickets, at Lisbon Fire Department's Station #2, at N54 W26455 Lisbon Road. All are welcome to attend. An actual ticket stub that purchasers fill out with their name and contact information will be drawn. Once drawings begin, the stubs will be kept, stored, and secured in a locked tumbler - it is from this tumbler that these will be drawn.  All winning ticket stubs will be placed back into the tumbler meaning every ticket has a chance to win any/all of the 20 drawings!  Yes, you might win all of the guns! 
  • General Info The Lisbon Fire Department is once again raising funds through a gun raffle. In 2013, we launched this idea through our first-ever raffle and were met with overwhelmingly positive response that made it a tremendous success. Thanks to participants in the community and even those from a distance who purchased tickets, we officially sold out ALL 1,000 tickets before the drawings even began! All proceeds from last year's raffle went to support the Lisbon Firefighters Inc., our internal organization dedicated to training, equipping, and preparing firefighters to ensure we are at our best on every call. These proceeds specifically have supported our purchase of some much-needed firefighting and ventilation equipment.This has all been made possible by our firefighters, the local community, participants and interested buyers from any and all distances, and the cooperation of local organizations including Color Ink and Cabela's. This raffle has been authorized and licensed by the State of Wisconsin. Each individual raffle ticket displays our state raffle license number. A total of 1,000 tickets will be sold again – please see “Tickets” below for details on purchasing and drawings. A total of 20 guns will be raffled off; these guns have already been selected. Please see “Guns” below for the detailed list of guns, corresponding draw dates, and assessed values. The values range from $339 -$819.**NOTE** As with last year, winners are not obligated to take the gun drawn on the corresponding date. Instead, the winner has an opportunity to receive a gift card for the value of that firearm. This gives the winners flexibility to use winnings towards purchasing other items that may better suit their preferences, such as camping gear, fishing equipment, or outdoor apparel.  
  • Tickets Tickets can be purchased for $20 a piece, with no limit on how many can be purchased. You can obtain tickets by contacting any Lisbon firefighter, stopping by our Richmond Station on Lisbon Road during weekday business hours, or calling our station (262-246-6401) for more information. Rules require that all ticket payments and transactions be IN CASH, regardless of how many are purchased. Thank you for understanding.  Each ticket has a detachable portion on which we will request your contact information and log it to know what ticket number(s) you have. *Note: Individuals are still responsible for having tickets in their possession at drawing time. The Lisbon Fire Department is not responsible for lost tickets.The back of each ticket has a complete list of the 20 different guns available, on what date each specific gun will be raffled, and the corresponding value of each gun.